Upgrade Example

Here is an example of an upgrade from a Mitsubishi AE-S to a Mitsubishi AE-SW Air Circuit Breaker


AE-S up to 1988 – Obsolete & no manufacturer stock

AE-S up to 1988 – Obsolete & no manufacturer stock

Switchserve technical discussion air circuit breaker upgradeAttention has to be paid to the auxiliary wiring due to subtle changes between the AE-S and AE-SW breakers auxiliary switching. In this instance the applications own control systems for the ACB’s had to be carefully studied to ensure correct operation of the new AE-SW breaker’s

Mitsubishi ACB upgrade

With the AE-S breaker and chassis removed we are left with a bare cabinet and copper work. Both cabinet and copper are cleaned and inspected in preparation of the new AE-SW chassis being bolted in.

Wales plinth

The specially made plinth, which the new AE-SW ACB will mount on, is then fitted.

Mitsubishi AE-SS chassis

With the AE-SW chassis and plinth in place we can then assemble and test the operation of the safety shutters which cover the busbars when the ACB is in the withdrawn position.

Mitsubishi copperwork air circuit breaker upgrade

The back of the newly installed chassis showing the copperwork connections.

Mitsubishi AE-SW plinth air circuit breaker upgrade

Plinth helps bring the new AE-SW assembly in line with the copperwork at the back.

Mitsubishi AE-SW Air Circuit Breaker upgrade

With the new plinth, chassis and copperwork bolted up we can offer the new AE-SW breaker in to check racking operation and fitment within the cabinet. At this point we measure up around the ACB in preparation of fabricating wiring conduit to ensure protection for the auxiliary wires and neatness of the install.

Mitsubishi AE-SW fabrication air circuit breaker upgrade

Fabrication of the cabinet takes place with Switchserve’s quality awareness and attention to detail setting precedent.

Air Circuit Breaker wiring air circuit breaker upgrade

With the fabrication complete the wiring is protected from dust and damage, this also gives the cabinet a clean, fresh look with space to easily work in future. 

Mitsubishi AE-SW air circuit breaker service upgrade

AE-SW 2005> – Current product & parts fully available.

Mitsubishi AE-SW Complete air circuit breaker upgrade