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If you need a parts solution we are here to help!  There are factors that affect parts availability for your equipment due to vintage and availability from the Manufacturers – whatever you need for your ACB give us a call.

New Parts

We can advise, source and deliver parts to suit your equipment.  This may be in the event of a breakdown or contingency for your site; avoiding sometimes costly lead-times.

Switchserve are distributors of Mitsubishi equipment and can offer excellent procurement time for these parts.

We also hold new items for various current and older breakers in stock.  We aim to carry in stock, and to site, key parts that we have experience of failures with for main manufacturers; ABB, Merlin Gerin/ Schneider, GE.air circuit breaker parts

We also are Suppliers and Approved Installers for Satin American Q-Series trip units.  We stock these units to provide rapid support for replacing faulty trip units on obsolete breakers.

Second Hand or New Old Stock Parts

From complete ACBs to a single spring – we have comprehensive stock of various parts to help resolve a situation or keep an older piece of equipment operating, this can be the difference between spending a small amount on a single component to fix your existing obsolete ACB and spending a large amount on an otherwise unavoidable upgrade to a new model.



Photo 01-11-2013 11 40 58

An example of some Mitsubishi AE-S auxiliary switches, control PCB and coils. These are available from Switchserve in various voltages depending on your application. Being able to replace even one of these obsolete components could be the difference between 30 minutes downtime on an existing ACB, and potentially days of downtime and necessity for a complete breaker change!!


Photo 01-11-2013 11 46 06

Switchserve carry a substantial stock of Mitsubishi AE-SS parts. Examples shown above are a charging motor, drawout mechanism and shunt tripping coil.


Photo 01-11-2013 11 49 42

Merlin Gerin Masterpact Under Voltage Coil with time delay. Please contact us for a quote.


Photo 01-11-2013 11 51 03

Schneider / Merlin Gerin coils to suit the Masterpact NW / NS / NT range are available.


Photo 01-11-2013 11 52 29

Switchserve stock a number of ABB components from coils (shown above), to trip units and charging motors.


Photo 01-11-2013 11 55 11

ABB Emax charging motors of various voltages are in stock at all times.


Our stock of obsolete and older ACB’s, including many of their respective components, can be viewed on this site soon upon completion of our Stocklist page, with items from manufacturers such as:

  • Mitsubishi 
  • (SACE) ABB
  • Merlin Gerin / Schneider
  • Terasaki
  • GE
  • GEC / GEA
  • Ottermill
  • MEM
  • Sentinal
  • Eaton / Cutler Hammer


Photo 16-10-2013 14 42 42Stock for each varies from complete old and new style ACB’s, to individual components such as, electronic trip units, current transformers, voltage controllers, contacts, motor charging devices, coils (under voltage, opening, closing, shunt trip etc)

We have even built to spec for customers new old stock ACB’s to replace their failed items, allowing them a direct replacement that utilises their existing panel and control systems whilst minimising down time, labour, parts costs  and consequently, drastically reducing potential overall costs!

Let us know your needs. We’ll be pleased to help.

Stocklist coming soon!